Maze Medical

Logo & Brand Identity

Maze Rebranding

Maze Medical is a Zimbabwean company based in Harare since 2015, they supply a range of medical equipment and consumables. They are specialists in bulk suppliers of medical equipment for hospitals, clinics, and primary care that integrate with the buildings and building services.

I was approached by Maze Medical to redesign their logo and I did a complete rebrand including brand strategy, repositioning the brand and redesigning their logo and created a new identity system and brand architecture.

Brand Objectives

Need proper marketing and proper positioning of what they have done and what they can offer and why they did to other companies.

To get more professional and corporate look and feel like their competitors, a new logo & identity is required to match the new brand’s positioning in the marketing

Maze Medical Old Logo

Reason for change

Removal of the symbol inside the letter M and change the look and feel of the letter M

The icon is outdated and a bit complex

Colors needed to be enhanced creating a better vibe